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COVID-19 and Your Wedding

Episode Summary

Ringers, we know it’s been a crazy and rocky time right now. We hope you’re staying safe and healthy throughout all that is going on in our world at the moment. While there are so many unknowns right and we can’t tell you what to do about your upcoming wedding, we want you to know that we’re here for you. Hopefully, this episode provides some comfort and, as always, some tips to help you through it all. We love you, Ringers. Full disclaimer: We are here to support you and talk you through your wedding planning journey. We are not health experts, legal experts, medical experts, economic experts, or really anything other than two wedding professionals. We have truly no idea what the future holds. Now more than ever. Finally, we get something VERY VERY wrong in this episode. For those of you that are Marvel/DC fans, we make a huge "oopsie" when talking about which characters are from which universe. Our apologies friends. We know Wolverine is from Marvel. What can we say? It's been a rough week.

Episode Notes

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