Put A Ring On It: The Wedding Planning Podcast

Bonus: Danielle chats with Weddings For Real podcast

Episode Summary

A bonus episode featuring a preview from the Weddings For Real podcast where Danielle was a recent guest.

Episode Notes

From Weddings For Real:

If you’re a member of the Rising Tide Society Facebook Group, you might have seen a post (since deleted) a few months ago from a photographer who said that when a wedding planner is involved, it makes other wedding vendors’ jobs more difficult and it messes up the flow of a wedding day. From his perspective, it’s better to have a wedding WITHOUT a planner.  Well as you either saw or can imagine, this sparked a lot of debate, and shockingly, many people agreed with his perspective.  Danielle Pasternak, wedding planner at DPNAK and co-host of the Put A Ring On It Podcast, has some thoughts, and she shares them on the show today!

Listen to the full episode here!